June 2017

He’s back…..

So N is back from Thailand with his son D, and he wanted to see Baby A. I managed to drive to the supermarket next door to his block of flats while having a panic attack on route. She slept. I phoned him and told me to meet me outside with a cup of tea. I needed to calm down and breathe before she woke up and saw Mummy. 

He spouted out some bull about some job, as usual. I keep hoping that this time he’s telling the truth, but he’s like the boy who keeps crying wolf, always saying he’s going to work, but it’s been too many ‘lost’ jobs that people just don’t bother listening to it anymore. 

Baby A and her big Brother D absolutely loved each other! It was amazing to see such an instant bond between two kids who had no idea what was going on, so innocent, so loving. 

He told me (again) that he hates his ex in Thailand for the way she beats and abuses the kids, yet he had the opportunity to bring the both of them over to the UK but he only bought the one. He says he has to play happy family and pretend to love her while she has another man’s baby, until he can get his daughter H over here with D. I still don’t understand why he is so scared of that woman. She must be very nasty and cruel to N and the kids. It hurts me knowing she hurts them.