July 2017
He hasn’t seen his beautiful daughter for 8 weeks now. Always “busy”. Anyone would think the guy had a job! Whenever I question why he hasn’t seen her, I get the usual response. It’s my fault. He is a vulnerable adult blah blah. He’s fine to travel the world, fine to take up hobbies, it’s just the important stuff like seeing his child or providing for his child that he seems to have a problem with. 

Every time I hear his name, I feel bitter disgust. Disgust at a ‘man’ who so easily lies and cheats his way through life. A friend pointed out that they’d recently seen a story about him. Claiming that he was homeless before the house in Cardiff took him in. No mention of the pregnant girlfriend paying his rent while he sent his housing benefit money to Thailand! 

He has now said he is stopping baby’s maintenance payments. He was only paying £60 a month to begin with. But apparently he can’t face the walk to his sons school so has to spend £11 a day on taxis! So laziness takes priority over providing for his kids. As usual. He didn’t pay anything for the first 4 kids he made so I don’t know why I expected anything. 

His ex is still telling people that her baby is his, trying to play happy families. That’s the only thing I can smile and laugh about in this whole situation. He cheated on her, she cheated on him, neither of them deserve anyone better than who they’re stuck with now. He has to pay for some other guys baby because he’s scared of her. He wasn’t that scared that he couldn’t fuck her though. Although now he has to live with knowing he fucked her straight after some other guy 😂 

Baby A is trying her best to crawl now 🙂 She’s an amazing little girl. Everybody comments on how happy she is all the time, even strangers in shops come over and say how happy she Looks! Although she’s decided this week that she doesn’t like bedtime, which is exhausting me! She’ll sleep for 11 hours once she’s down, she just doesn’t want to go! Life is too interesting to sleep! 


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